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How we do

Our core philosophy has been taken from that of the Socrates.
“We have been given two ears, two eyes, and one tongue.
This means that we should hear and see more than we speak.”
Socrates (469 BC–399 BC)
With that in mind, we first listen to the brands, to their needs, objectives and concerns with no attempt to interrupt in between to jump to solutions and secondly we listen to the market the brands in which operate, to the trends, threats and opportunities and then considering our clients objectives and having investigated the market we let the thinking begin.

We believe the only way to grow for us is to grow with our clients’ business,
so we don’t accept anything less than reality when it comes to business
insight and strategic solutions.
Resaneh khallagh makes sure that it never tries to come up with the
communications solutions bare hand. By having access to particular media
monitoring tools and using programs such as Target group Index (TGI)
and having excellent relationships with renowned research agencies of Iran,
we offer our expertise fully in line with the latest findings in this industry.
We try to do all our homework completely before we sit in front of our clients.

Our team

As a company in service industry we strongly believe that our most valuable asset is our team. We believe in teamwork and in order to meet our clients’ needs and deliver outstanding results we have no choice but to team up the right people for the job.


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