About Us

About us

In the constant ever changing
market ambiance of Iran along
with the entrance of multinational
companies with new needs and
objectives and the poverty of Iran
in new trends of marketing,
the need for a professional
advertising agency which could be
a response to the needs of today
world was overtly observed.
That was why the management
team of Resaneh Khallagh with
40 years of accumulated advertising
experience decided to establish
Resaneh Khallagh in 2011 in Tehran.

Resaneh khallagh is a full service, highly creative, performance driven communications planning agency committed to creative creation.
Mission: creating impressionable messages and creatively delivering them to the consumers is the mission that Resaneh kahllagh is pursuing.
Resaneh khallagh endeavors not only to get to know the enterprises of its clients but also tries to reach an understanding of the consumers as well so as to have a comprehensive learning of how it has to approach the advertising and communication objectives.
Vision:  with constant perseverance and hardworking attitude along with the use of our expertise we are hopeful to see our agency as being among the top 3 agencies of Iran in 5 years.


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