Our services

Our services


In this section our team havingĀ  specialized in strategic patterns of market with years of experience provides services such as IMC Development programs, corporate/Brand Identity development and providing marketing communication solutions to the enterprises.

Account Management

In the process of doing our job we also provide administrative services to our clients letting them feel as they are present in the work flow and overtly observing the process.
By preparing regular reports we try to clarify the affairs for our clients for the better execution of the projects.


with years of working in the field of advertising and having built strong networks with the media owners, Resaneh Khallagh offers exceptional rates in Media buying as well.
At the very same time we can also provide our clients with media monitoring services upon the trequest.
All activities regarding the Media field of work is handled by us.


with selection of the best of the best and arranging the creative team with young, well-educated and ambitious people, our agency is able to support the strategy and media Dep.
with the most creative and innovative creative solutions which could include from Band Identities to fully integrated communication campaigns.


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